Monday, 1 July 2013

Laura 'Lo' Katy Barker // 16 // UK

Artist // Christian // Blogger

Student// English//Textiles/History

Living healthy and happy // helping others to do so too

Christian // I love my Lord God, he love everyone beyond compare

//I love life.//

Growing up with my older sister, Anna, meant I always had someone to look up to when it came to fashion. She would curl my hair for school discos and always gave me the best fashion advice. This love for fashion carried on well into my teens and motivated me to combine my love for writing with fashion, and wrote many articles for various magazines about fashion. This also inspired me to start up my own blog, previously Colour Me Happy, and now Cover B.

Nowadays, I like to convey my happy personality into my writing and be a person people can talk too. I love life now, but I didn't always and had struggled with self-harm for many years. This hate for life and self-loaving that I previously had totally changed somehow, somewhere along the line. Now I love to live life to the fullest and although I am still sometimes hesitant, I am learning and growing every day with the help of my amazing best friend and boyfriend, Sam. 

Cover B today is a place for me to share with you all my love, passions, recipes, crafts and all the little events happening in my life which I love to share with you. But most of all, Cover B should be a happy place, a community, for the readers to get involved and give their suggestions or even just ask for advice as happiness is the key to life and you cannot live without it. 

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Not all who wander are lost - J.R.R Tolkien